iPan (Retired)

iPan Panoramic X-Ray Retrofit If you want to go digital, but don't want to replace your current panoramic unit, there is an alternative – the proven retrofit iPan technology from Schick.

iPan gives you all the benefits of digital imaging without having to buy a new pan unit or permanently alter your existing one. It retrofits to virtually every major panoramic system, and once installed, allows your unit to be easily restored to its original condition.
iPan Panoramic X-Ray Retrofit
iPan integrates with CDR DICOM’s full suite of powerful digital imaging software that allows it to work side-by-side with Schick CDR intraoral sensors and camera. The sharp, clear images are stored electronically so there are no films to damage or lose, no more processing, and no more hazardous chemicals to store. It is truly the most cost-effective way to add digital pan to your practice.