Schick By Sirona Veterinary Digital Dental X-Ray Sensors

Digital Dental Intraoral x-ray Sensor - Schick 33

The Global leader in digital dental imaging.

Sirona is the leading manufacturer of innovative digital technology in dentistry, providing unparalleled digital images with its Schick 33 and Schick Elite sensors. Through Sirona's R&D center in New York City, Schick by Sirona sensors are the most advanced in dentistry combining CMOS-APS technology, powerful imaging software, and also providing veterinarians a range of choices. From connectivity options, interchangeable cables and multiple sensor sizes, Schick by Sirona sensors accommodate the needs of every veterinary practice.

The Schick Elite offers a level of convenience, durability and flexibility. Designed with an optimally located sensor cable interface and a color scheme that ensures high visibility of the oral cavity, Schick Elite makes it easy to diagnose. Adding the Schick Elite to your veterinary practice is simple; choose from USB connectivity or Schick WiFi for room-to-room mobility.

Our latest addition to the Schick Modular Platform is the Schick 33 sensor. Available in three sensor sizes, the Schick 33 features new technology that delivers unparalleled high image resolution, supporting software for multiple image sharing options, a dynamic image enhancer to adjust image sharpness and image preference presets to suit your specific diagnostic needs.

Digital Dental X-Ray Imaging

  • A fraction of the radiation of film x-ray means a safer environment for your staff and your patients
  • Instant imaging reduces the time that your patients are under anesthesia
  • Retaking an image is easy
  • Full-screen images that can be adjusted using enhancement to aid in diagnosis
  • No chemicals to order, store, handle or dispose 

Schick Modular Platform

  • Schick 33 and Schick Elite sensors available in sizes O, 1, and 2 
  • Hardwired USB or wireless WiFi connectivity options 
  • Unique replaceable cable technology available in multiple lengths

The Schick CDR and Patterson Veterinary advantage:

  • The leader in digital dental x-ray imaging combined with the leading full service veterinary distributor
  • Full installation and training available through Patterson Veterinary Supply
  • Full technical support available through Patterson Veterinary Supply

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