For the past 135 years, Sirona has been the world's largest manufacturer and leader of innovative dental technology in dentistry. Contributing to Sirona's digital intraoral radiography success is Schick. Schick was founded in 1992 and merged with Sirona in 2006. Over the last 20 years, Schick has been responsible for many of the major advances in the field of dental digital intraoral radiography, being the first to offer:

  • Multiple Sizes of Sensor – Schick revolutionized the intraoral sensor market in 1994 when it became the first manufacturer to provide multiple film-like sizes of sensor. Film-like sizes allowed for easier positioning and greater patient comfort as well as maximizing imaging areas. Today, Schick sensors continue to be available in sizes 0, 1 and 2, catering not only for different sizes of patient, but also to accommodate oral pathology that differs from patient to patient.
  • APS-CMOS Imaging Technology – Massively reducing sensor power requirements allowing for more compact interface units and battery power for sensors.
  • LED lighting for Intraoral Cameras – Schick’s CDRCam 2000 marked a milestone in intraoral camera technology with the first white LEDs used as a light source. Providing a brighter, cleaner light for sharper imaging in the furthest reaches of the oral cavity.
  • Sensors with USB Connectivity – Taking advantage of what has become the standard in connectivity in the computer world.
  • Digital Upgrades to Panoramic Film Units – Offering a simple and cost-effective solution to going fully digital.
  • USB Connectivity for Intraoral Cameras – The launch of USBCam in 2002 saw Schick implement its expertise in imaging through USB to provide live streaming video through a lightweight, easy to transport intraoral camera without any external capture device.
  • Wireless Sensors – Launched in 2003, Schick’s CDR Wireless is still the only truly wireless sensor solution available in the world.
  • Intraoral Sensors with Replaceable Cables – With the launch of CDR PlusWire in 2008, Schick became the first manufacturer to offer an intra-oral sensor with user-replaceable cable to allow the customization of the sensor to fit different operatory set-ups as well as providing an instant in-office service solution to prevent lost chair time due to cable damage.

In the summer of 2006, the American Dental Association’s Professional Product Review assessed the image quality of 7 different digital radiography products. Schick’s CDR sensor was rated as having the highest image quality of these 7 systems.

The Future - Schick currently holds over 20 patents applying to aspects of its entire product range. Schick continues to invest heavily in research and development, both to improve on existing core technology and to develop the new technologies that will take dental imaging into the future.